Joe is a marvellously versatile, much-admired musician who works with authority and finesse across a whole range of styles. His knowledge of the Music-Theatre repertoire is encyclopaedic and his passion for music of all kinds is an inspiration to his students and colleagues.
— John Wilson - Conductor for The John Wilson Orchestra
I asked to be introduced to Joe after an Arts Ed graduation at which I had spoken. As much as I believe in ‘giving back’, I have a complete terror of public speaking, so couldn’t wait to get out of there, but was so impressed and moved by the final item in the programme, that I asked to meet its creator. That item was an arrangement of Sondheim’s Being Alive, sung by a whole year’s students, which was not only beautifully written, but beautifully taught to, and delivered by the students.

One of the joys of being as far on in a career as I, is being able to recognise and support younger talent. Joe Wilson is, without question, just that.
— Simon Lee - Musical Director/Supervisor for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
I met Joe through the ArtsEd school program when I came to London to perform at the London Palladium with Kristin Chenoweth. I had sent the music ahead and of course as with any city you never really know how much time a choir and their leaders will put into learning two brand new songs and I can say that Joe was so pivotal in having that choir more prepared than we’ve ever had before. Getting to know Joe and his music a little more since our time in London, I can tell what a talented young man he is his piano playing and musicianship and his music direction and now his original music will do nothing but keep soaring. Hope to get him out to Los Angeles at some point and show him off to the cabaret and musical theatre world we have here.
— Michael Orland - Music Director, Kristin Chenoweth
Joe is an extraordinarily talented musician and teacher. He brings passion and insight to musical theatre training and performance. Sharing ideas with him on voice and art and listening to his ideas is a joy.
— Marco Morbidelli - Master Estill Teacher
Joe’s ability to enthuse a group of singers is second to none, and is matched only by his keen musical ear, leading to efficient productive and joyous rehearsals.
— Simon Nathan - Orchestrator
Joe is one of the most passionate musicians I’ve worked with. He puts a sense of joy into everything he does, whether playing the piano or leading a rehearsal. It’s always a pleasure when we get to work together
— Freddie Tapner - Conductor of The London Musical Theatre Orchestra
I have always found Joe’s work as a pianist to be very thorough and reliable. A joy to work with and an asset to any musical team. His musical knowledge, combined with his dedicated study of the voice, makes his a first-class MD.
— Jordan Li Smith - West End Musical Director
Joe is a very special individual. He holds the power to inspire and challenge his students in ways unthinkable. Personally, Joe provided me with a completely new outlook on the arts. He helped me to discover emotions that I didn’t even know existed, thus I was able to approach roles with much stronger foundations. Not only has Joe been a musical theatre mentor, but he has also acted as a life coach. He is very much an advocator of how we as human beings should embrace love, or what we love, and indeed stay ‘human’. In fact, Joe was a somewhat guru figure in my theatre course. He helped us to find reasons to say “this is why we do it”, and for that I am forever grateful to him.
— James Smith - Britain's Got Talent, Virgin Records
I have had the honour of being taught by Joe who has been a massively influential person in my life in regards to my training. His passion and drive for Musical Theatre is truly infectious and reminded me of the reasons as to why I want to train within the arts. Not only is he an impressive Musical Director, he has a huge heart in which he invites his students, including myself, to share his intimate thoughts and feelings towards music. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be taught by Joe Wilson should count themselves very lucky.
— Emily Lane - BA Student ArtsEd
I was very lucky to have Joe Wilson as my music director. His impressive knowledge of the industry was both beneficial and valuable, however it was his love for music which taught me that if you have the dedication, drive and passion for your art, you will succeed.
— Grace Bassett - BA Student ArtsEd